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KEJURUTERAAN MBI SON BHD (MBI) expects all personnel working within its entire operations to INTERVENE and STOP WORK or to DELAY any individual tasks or group operation or activity if the control of HSE risks are not clearly established or understood which could promote an imminent threat to the above.

No work will resume until all stop work issues and concerns have been adequately addressed, improved and resolved.

Persons in the following roles have responsibilities in supporting this policy:

ALL PERSONNEL are responsible to initiate a "STOP WORK" intervention when warranted, support the intervention of others and properly report all "STOP WORK" actions to the Site Management.

SITE MANAGEMENT is responsible to create a culture where "STOP WORK" is exercised freely, honour requests for "STOP WORK", work to resolve issues before operations resume, recognised proactive participation and ensure that all "STOP WORK" actions are properly reported with required follow-up completed.

SUPERVISOR/ FOREMAN is responsible to establish a clear expectation to exercise "STOP WORK", create a culture where "STOP WORK" is exercised freely and resolve "STOP WORK " conflicts when they arise.

HSE OFFICER is responsible for monitoring compliance with the "STOP WORK" requirements, maintenance of associated documents, identification of trends and sharing of lesson learnt.


Masri Ismail
Managing Director
Kejuruteraan MBI Sdn. Bhd.


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